If you’re looking for a way to bring your home into the 21st century in style, then consider our stunning aluminium bi-fold doors. These incredible products have been specifically designed to protect you and your property from both unwanted visitors and the worst of British weathers. Contact us now and see what our specialist teams can do for you.

We utilise the Smart Architectural Aluminium profile in the creation of our aluminium bi-fold doors. This market-leading product range is renowned for its ability to instil any home with a sense of class and grandeur. Whether you live in a modern property or a more traditional heritage home, we’ll easily have the right product for you. Experience a premium product with Cladwinds.

Bi-Folding Doors

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The Smart Architectural Aluminium range consists of a series of designs, each of which combines stunning glass panels with slimline frameworks. These clear aesthetic lines allow for a distinctive character that also offers structural strength and thermal efficiency. Read on to see some of the product specifications we can provide:

Visofold 1000

The first in our line of aluminium bi-fold doors, the Visofold 1000 range is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. This versatility makes doors of this kind a great choice for almost any building design. The impressive opening apertures make it easy to combine two separate spaces, one internal and one external, into one stunning area.

From an efficiency perspective, this design offers U-values as low as 1.5W/m²K when using a 1.0 W/m²K centre pane. Furthermore, this Document L Compliant product is PAS 24:2012 accredited, meaning that it also surpasses industry standards in terms of security. This is a great choice for any home improvement project and makes for a great set of aluminium bi-fold doors.

Visofold 2000

The double glazing in this range can be customised in a number of ways to suit your requirements. The glass in these aluminium bi-fold doors is available in 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 34mm or 36mm configurations. At the same time, we also provide the choice between double or triple glazed units, the latter of which provides added strength and thermal efficiency.

This product is also designed with maximum weather protection in mind and is designated Class 4 1800Pa in terms of wind resistance, and Class 7a, 300Pa for protection against water. You can also count on BS 6375-1:2009 recognition, showing that this aluminium bi-fold doors design has been crafted to offer superior water tightness and wind resistance.

Visofold 3000 (Panorama)

If you want slim sightlines in the construction of your aluminium bi-fold doors, then the Panorama range is the right choice for you. Our premium hardware specifications allow plenty of light into your home while providing incredible views of your garden at the same time. All of this is designed around an aesthetically pleasing profile that’s styled exactly how you want.

Similarly customisable, the Visofold 3000 range of aluminium bi-fold doors can be customised in round or square-edge profiles and utilise dedicated stainless steel rollers for simple operation. We also offer our lift-up style handles and Smart’s punch tooling, meaning that you benefit from far more than just the standard security and thermal prospects with this design.

Visofold 4000

This unique dual hollow aluminium system consists of a series of aluminium bi-fold doors that utilise an external curbed shape and internal beading. The result is a beautiful product that combines functionality and great design. These heavier products are suitable for any home improvement project, no matter the size and scope, and will immediately impress you.

This design also enjoys bottom wheels and a top glider that are concealed within a floating mullion. This is joined to a butt-type knuckle hinge via the door leafs. In the meantime, the sashes are hung from the floating mullion in order to further bolster the already impressive structural strength of our aluminium bi-fold doors. For more information about the Visofold line, contact our team.

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