Cladwinds Ltd’s range of tilt & turn windows offer a simple, clean look for your Luton home, offering all the benefits and low maintenance of uPVC.

The tilt and turn window system is advanced and has been developed to work in two different ways. The first is the tilt function, which allows the top sash of the window to be tiled inwards, allowing for ventilation. The second is the turn function which creates a generous inward opening window.

Tilt & Turn Windows Luton

Suitable for Various Properties

Our tilt and turn windows are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. Each window comes with several features, such as:

The design of the tilt and turn windows allows the Luton homeowner to clean them from the inside with relative ease. These windows are ideal for those living in apartment blocks or with hard to reach windows, with this function meaning your home can always look spotless. The enhanced opening turn function can also be used as a fire exit should you need it.

Tilt & Turn Windows Luton

Thermally Efficient Home

The double glazing used within these windows helps to make your Luton home more thermally efficient. The double glazing acts as an extra layer to trap in pockets of warm air, acting as a thermal barrier. By keeping the warm air in your home for longer, your home can remain at a comfortable temperature, even in the coldest of winter months. In the long-term, you may find that you rely less on your central heating, which will not only save you money on your energy bills but reduce your Luton home’s carbon footprint.

Thanks to the extra barrier within the window, you’ll no longer be bothered by harsh outside noises within the comfort of your Luton home. Our windows add a soundproof barrier to your home, meaning you won’t have to worry about loud noises disrupting your sleep.

Tilt & Turn Windows Luton

Foils, Finishes & Colours

No longer will the Luton homeowner have to worry about their new tilt and turn window not fitting in with the existing style and décor of their home. At Cladwinds, we offer our tilt and turn windows, and our uPVC range in general, in a variety of colours and finishes.

Our woodgrain foils give your tilt and turn window the authentic appearance of timber without the maintenance. Our foils are available in light oak, Irish oak, rosewood, clean white finish, cream and many more, letting the Luton homeowner make the right fit for their home.

Tilt & Turn Windows Luton

Triple Glazing

To further improve the thermal efficiency and to increase the soundproofing of your home, our Luton homeowners can get some triple glazing for their windows. These windows are more energy efficient than modern double glazing windows. In doing so, they will improve the comfort of your home, saving you money on your energy bills. The extra layer within the glazing also acts as another barrier against burglars, protecting your Luton home.

Quality Guaranteed

All of Cladwinds’ double glazing is specifically designed to bring you a mixture of excellent thermal efficiency and maximum security. We work with the Consumer Protection Association to offer a 10-year guarantee on all our windows, doors and conservatories. You can rest easy with Cladwinds and choose the right double glazing option for you.

Tilt and Turn Windows Luton

Tilt & Turn Window Prices, Luton

If you are looking to get a new set of tilt & turn windows installed in your home, or you would like to discuss another double glazing product, then get in contact today. You can call our team on 0800 787 9268, or why not fill out our online contact form.

If you already know what colour tilt and turn window you want, then fill out our instant quote. This will give you a personalised quote in a matter of minutes to any user. Simply enter a few details about your project and you’ll be on your way.

If you’d rather see our product range face-to-face, we have two showrooms. One is based at Unit 7, Lyon Close, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Kemspton. The other is based at Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre, Hockcliffe Road, Leighton Buzzard.